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Less Government, More Employment

Usually, the most important economic data report every month is the Employment…
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Resist Inflation Complacency

Some analysts and investors breathed a big sigh of relief on inflation when it was reported…
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We’ve been consistently bullish on stocks since 2009. This bullishness has paid…
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Fed Being Tempted into SIN

Narratives get more energy these days because of social media and cable TV, but they’ve always…
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Capitalism vs. Socialism

As we wrote last week, it’s not possible to analyze the economy these days without focusing…
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Projecting Government

In an ideal world, analysts and investors wouldn’t have to spend much time, perhaps none…
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The Seeds of Stagflation

Last week, the government reported real GDP in the US grew at a 6.5% annual rate in the…
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Strong Growth in Q2

Another quarter for consumers to rely on massive stimulus payments, extremely loose…
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4,500…Or Higher

Many are convinced that a US stock market correction, or even a bear market, is inevitable…
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“Twin Deficits” Won’t Tank the Dollar

Many analysts have been thinking and writing about the “twin deficits” and whether the…
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