Calling All Energy Employees:Amp Up Your Retirement Plans

At Olson & Wilson Private Capital, we have proudly worked with many local employees working in the energy sector and have developed a deep understanding of their unique retirement questions and needs.

Answering Your Industry-Specific Questions with Confidence

Everyone’s retirement strategy is different, but often employees in specific companies and industries as a whole share frequently asked questions.

Together, we’ve identified some gray areas other energy employees have had when guiding them through their retirement strategies. If you are in the same field, we want to help you navigate those areas with ease, using the confidence of others who have gone through similar situations.


Our comprehensive financial planning is designed to address the common (and not-so-common) retirement planning challenges, pitfalls and gaps that can occur without specialized help.


Get Your Retirement Readiness Kit

Maybe you have a date in mind, but are you sure your finances are on track to bring you the best outcome? This brochure was made for you.

  • 5 most common 401(k) mistakes
  • 10 common causes of errors in pension calculation
  • Tips for safeguarding your pension
  • Understanding segmented interest rates and lump sums

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